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I have been all kinds of places. And why not? Doesn't everyone want to travel on someone else's budget?

Sighs of the Zodiac


I'm scared of the Zodiac Killer, aren't you?

Actually he did his work before I was alive. Well, I was alive, but I was a little kid and people don't tell little kids about stuff like that.

Batman's girl friend


I have problems keeping track of mine too. But, then again, I'm not as cute as batman. I'm not even as cute as Bruce Wayne.

Yes even Michael Keaton is cuter then I am. Damn batman's girlfriend!

Milo the Dinosaur


Milo is a Tyranasuarus, who is lazy, tired and prone to mood swings and extreme behavior.

A girl, a Corporation, and a bike messenger


Who do you think would win in a fight? The girl. I put my money on the girl. My girl friend punched me once and, gosh it hurt. Then she punched me again. So I ran. I ran so far that day.

Why screensavers?

Why? Why? Why?