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Did anyone say...? Travel?

 Things that happen during travel:

Alarm Systems





Camp in the desert




Travel through time

Get Sickk



Places to Travel:


San Diego




Chapel Hill 


Palm Springs




FAA - Not Approved!

19:30 GMT+5. Airpla ne drinking games

1st, see how many vodkas you can get one attendandt goto give you in a 30m inutre period of time. I just set an in flight record of five. notice my typng?

2nd go into the little bathroom (make sure you wear shoes, most people miss) and close your eyes and turn com[letely around three times. if you get lost use the toilet as a reference. then try and figure out which direction the plane is flying.


right now i'm flying back from georgia where i spent the wekend with my cousins. here arer the highlights of my trip:

saturday night we all got fixt uup in our best dress and went down to the wall mart. sunday night we put the kids on top of the car and drove around for a while

sunday we went to the town square nd bought some canned possum for the bbq. sa turday we made margarotas and drank them with bbq. sunday we went back to the wall mart and th e the man at the door who says welcome to wal mart scared me so i asked him not to talk to me anymore and he said sorry i c an't do that. There is no liqour except for atalanta. on snday we saw how many bugs we could attract and kill on our own legs. we drove to the airport and road the moving walkways and decided we should come to the airport more often and gosh the parking is sure cheap we should do that more often too.


at the gate i realized i hadn't bought my ticket so i ran bacl to the counter and paifd for it and them ran bacl to the gate i realized its real fun and good excersie to run at the airport and i shoud do thet more often too, its good fer y'all!


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