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I've ridden a lot of trains. Fast trains, slow trains, dirty trains, cheap trains, light rail, heavy rail, speed rail, ugly trains, space trains, trains with fancy names, trains named after cartoons, trains that speak foreign languages, trains with ants. Trains that travel under water. Trains that smile.

Often, while I'm on these trains, usually at night. I wonder if I'm on the right train. Am I going the right way? Will I get there soon enough? Will I get there at all. Completely out of control of my own body. The train is in control. The train is taking my body somewhere and its so big, I couldn't make it stop, even if I got the courage to stand up in front of the other passengers, the ones who are on the right train, and try and make it stop.

I try not to, but I often find myself staring at the inside of the train, usually at night, usually the ceiling. I always have a book our magazine with me just to avoid the staring, because it's while I'm staring that I realize I really am on the wrong train. Hopefully I'll get lucky and find a map of the trains routes and hopefully the train will pass stations that are on the map so I can get an idea about what train I'm really on.

And then the train will slow to a stop. If it is a high tech modern spacey train, a voice will announce a 'reason' for the stop. If it is an old or serious train, the only sound you might hear is another passenger move in their chair. Is this when the man will check your ticket? And find its not good enough? Is the train broken?

Lights go by the windows, but they don't really go anywhere. There is always one more light after the last one.

I can't sleep, I'm tired but I can't sleep, I have to watch and see that I get to where I'm going.



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