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Synchronization Fatigue

adjusted bofy ober 18hour system. Sorry, let me try to speak English again. I have an adjusted body over an eighteen-hour system.

I forgot to adjust every computer I came in touch with, the computers display things at times 8 hours in decline.

I see news that is 12 hours old, the news that I lived through hours before.

i tripped out on offivce politivs. I mean, I tripped out on office politics.

I hung on to my English currency, sterling. I was told I could get a good exchange for sterling to Irish direct, instead of Guilders in between, I think it's a pride thing.

A whole bunch of, stuff, didn't happen.

I remember a bunch of stuff, but there is no evidence. Not even the time it would have taken to do it all.

It's all gone. 

I feel like I have a massive hangover. But, all the liquor is still in the cabinet. 


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