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Professional Train


 I was headed for San Francisco one night, I got a ride to Fremont BART from a bus. As I walked to the top of the platform, the setting sun distracted my vision, (no sunglasses), my vision came clear to a woman staring right into my eyes. Startled I turned right at the top of the escalator and headed for the posted train schedule. a train arrived and opened its doors. I got on, I noticed she was at the other end of the car, it was the first car, and there was no one else.

I watched her get up out of her seat and knock on the driver's door. He opened it and I could see them talking, but I couldn't make out what was said. She turned away, he closed the door, and she sat down. She was smiling.

My cell phone rang and I answered it. It was the friend I was meeting in SF. We planned a connection and dinner. I hung up. The train left the station.

Her pager went off and she stood up to check it. She turned and looked at me, and then looked the other way as she started walking the walk you must walk while on a moving train. When she got close she looked at me again and said: "I'm sorry, I saw you have a phone, normally I wouldn't bother you but, can I borrow your phone?"

It was after seven PM, the phone connect charges were now free, but she was still a stranger. But, I assumed she wouldn't start running, lean against the BART door, opening them, jump out and escape with my phone. So I asked; "Is it a local call?"

"Uh, yea, it's in 510?"

"OK, here, it's a 408 phone, so you have to dial 1-510."

"Thanks." She took the phone, sat down and dialed. She found the send button. They usually don't. As she connected, she stood up to talk. I noticed she was wearing a skin tight, full length body suit, purple. No, no full length, the top and bottom just matched. There were no panty lines. She finished her call, hung up and handed me the phone. "Thanks" Thirty seconds later her pager went off again. She stood up to check it, and looked at me, "I'm real sorry, it's her again, can I borrow the phone one more time?"

"Well...OK, but I'm gonna have to start charging you after this one." I handed her the phone. She took it and looked thankful. She made her call, it was brief, they were arranging the actual spot where she would get picked up. She hung up, and handed me the phone. She sat down again, across the isle from me.

"So, what did you say to the driver?" She stood up to answer.

"I asked him when the train was leaving." She walked to the seat in front of me, holding the hand rails so that she was spread in front of me. "I was going to ask him if he wanted a date, but I didn't." She turned and looked me dead in the eye, moved her body slightly sideways and said; "Ever done it on a train?"

I'm only as strong as the weakest link. I was just 17.




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