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People Really Do Lie.

I overheard these lies in a bar.


"So, what's your major?"

"Ornamental distribution."

"Really?....I'm the Director of Computer relations at Maas Neotek."


"No really, I'm.....not really working for Maas. And what the fuck is ornamental distribution?"

"Something you would never understand."

"OK, fuck you. So what's going on with you these days anyway?"

"Who are you? Why are you asking me all these questions?"

"Because I've been following you sense Swansea, and I'm getting bored."

"Oh.......Swansea? There is nothing in Swansea, nothingneven near there. Why did you start following me there of all places? Swansea...fuck." Shakes her head off into the wind towards the clock tower.


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