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North Carolina


Chapel Hill

I had NC style BBQ. An ex patriot southerner described it as "loose meat BBQ" It kinda looks like lumpy gravy mashed potatoes, or plain old fashion regurgitated food. Although it tastes surprisingly good. For the full effect you have to have it with ring style hush puppies and turnip greens, washed down with sweetened ice tea. The sugar is added while the tea is still hot. It blends.


A lot of beautiful women walk around. Kinda like Amsterdam and it's 6ft tall blonde bicyclists except they aren't all blonde, they aren't all 6ft tall and no one rides bicycles. You can't ride bicycles. First of all you would be killed, two lane highways, no shoulder, second, every thing is too far away for anyone but a professional bicyclist to get to.


NC is the only city where you can leave for the airport, with a rental car, thirty minutes before the flight is scheduled to depart and make the flight, without running. (Although I did run, and felt stupid when people noticed my heavy breathing.)



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