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When I told people I was going to Austin, everyone said the same thing, "Go to Sixth Street". It got to the point when I would one up them. Right after I told people I was headed for Austin, they would start to tell me "Go to.." but I'd cut them off with "Sixth Street?"

"Yeah, you've been there huh?"


I had some BBQ while I was there. My host promised to take me to the best BBQ in Austin. He actually said all of Texas, but I've found BBQ to be so weak in all of Texas, that "Best" and "Texas BBQ" should not be equated.

So he told me he would take me to Rudy's. It looked promising from the outside. Painted on the side of the building was "The worst BBQ in Austin" 

I spent most of the night walking around from bar to bar until I started getting kicked out of places. So I took a cab back to my hotel in BFE.

When we got there the cab driver told me my damage was US$35. I told him I only had US$20. He told me that wouldn't do. So I asked him if he would take a credit card. He declined. So I walked into the hotel's lobby and asked the clerk if I could buy some money from her either off the room or off the credit card I checked in with. She said no.

So I went back out to the cab and asked him one more time if he would take an AMEX or the twenty. Once again he declined. So, I said, "I'll go upstairs and borrow money from a co-worker."

He agreed. So I walked around the wrong side of the building. Once I got out of site I cut across by the pool and up the stairs to my room. I let myself in, closed the drapes, locked the door and turned out the light.

At some point during the night the cab driver must have given up waiting and gone home.


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