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Burning Man



  • Jokes for drugs
  • Bad French words for drugs
  • Vodka to watch people run through fire
  • Three ones for a five

Funny Things

Sunday morning, at roughly 5:30 AM (GMT-8), I became aware of myself wandering in the desert. I have no idea how I got to that point of wandering in the desert, my last memory before that was at approximately 2:00AM (GMT-8)

Throughout the weekend I had some of the most satisfying showers of my life running through the desert behind a water truck with an open spigot spraying the road and roughly ten other bathers.

Monday morning I successfully finished dancing through the night until the night was no more. As the fireball known to you and me as the sun arose I wandered onto la playa and just stood there for a few minutes before returning to the dance.

I was speaking in an Irish accent, which provoked people to ask me where I was from, I would look them right in the eye and say "California"

Saturday night I was a fire walker. I enticed other people to become fire walkers in exchange for shots of vodka from a bottle that I was carrying as I myself walked and danced through the fire. (This happens to be the same bottle of vodka that I lost sometime before finding myself wandering in the desert.)


 Things That I Lost

  • A Bike
  • The Vodka bottle
  • Myself
  • The contact from my left eye
  • My Tent
  • Myself again
  • Miguel
  • The new Gibson book
  • The on call duty pages
  • Ravioli (Although no one would want it now that I 'lost' it)

I would go on, but I canít remember what else I forgot.

Is there another word for synonym?





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