7-Up was not a new thing.

In fact it had been around for a while and had made its owners , and the consultants that worked for them, very wealthy. No one had really paid attention to business there for a long time.

DCA the marketing firm that had its fair share of un-cola profits was not doing very well. They had made money and spent money.

"Maybe we could give away another truckload at a Knicks game?" The voice suggested without looking up from his notepad.

"The Stuckart says that is the same as nothing. It costs us nothing, it makes us nothing." The brunette helmet replied. "We need a result!"

"Every fucking person in the world has not only heard of 7-Up, they have already had 516 to date." His cufflink involuntarily clicked in unison. "Sending another truck out is pissing in the wind."

The young skirt coat at the end of the table started to speak but was cutoff with; "Well I heard that a one of those hidden taste test mall polls said people like getting free pop." Three different sets of lips crinkled at the word pop. "It makes them happy, and when their, uh, happy..." The sloopy neck lost his train of thought.

"Is this meeting catered?" Whispered the mustache to the skirt coat.

"I'm not sure" Her a patch of red arose on her chin and neck. She cleared her voice, no one noticed. The tip of her pen had no ball in it, and it didn't function very well. She pulled the cap off the end of it again, it was getting easier and easier to remove. She popped it back in and out again. The mustache smirked in her general direction. Voices traveled across the room and bounced off the cubicle wall, missing her.

"About six o'clock, it was late."

"Well bumbly bee" The brunette helmet scratched an itch on her arm everytime the sloopy neck said that stupid phrase.

"Maybe we could have a contest!" The young skirts voice scratched across her coworker mumbling.


"Maybe we could have a contest" This time she said it more clearly, but her voice was still definitely shaking and another red patch appeared on her neck. "We could announce a cash prize for finding the lucky can."

"What lucky can?" Whispered the sloop neck.

"What did she say?"

The skirt coat was felt a warm drip race down the back of her neck. "The cost of the prize will be nothing compared to the cost of the advertising," She started racing, to finish her sentence before someone interrupted. "We could set the grand prize at $10,000 and only use half of the 4 million dollar budget for reprints, People would buy.."

"We can't re-print, it costs time and a half for 500 union staffers to be trained and, no way no reprints They'd fry us."

"We could print stickers, get Visi-Sign to do it, they get minimum wagers" The skirt coated countered wobbly......